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Äntligen har de första biblarna kommit!

Vi har fått den här informationen från United Bible Societies om översättningen:

Presented in 2020: Old Testament is translated from Hebrew texts (without DC books; OT in the 2011
version was translated from Septuagint with DC; work on adding DC books to this Contemporary
Translation is in progress). The Ukrainian Bible Society involved well-known church and public figures
together with a connoisseur of ancient languages and great enthusiast in the field of bibliography,
Doctor of Theology, Fr. Raphael Turkonyak. Latest available critical apparatus was used. To make sure it
is a truly interdenominational translation, a trial period of several years preceded the publication when
all Churches – members of UkrBS Board – received their copies and reviewed the translation. The
publication took place after the unanimous approval of the BS Board.
In a short time, this translation gained considerable popularity among Ukrainian churches of various
denominations, especially among the younger generations as it is on par with today’s literary language.